Hoover Wm.G.

Bill and Carol Hoover have lived in Ruby Valley for the past 15 years, concentrating on physics and gardening in roughly equal measure. Prior to their retirement from physics work in Livermore California they enjoyed the research facilities of the Livermore Laboratory, a square mile of technical excellence. For most of his 43 years at LLNL Bill had a joint professorial appointment at the University of California’s Department of Applied Science. Carol earned her PhD there, in plasma physics, later serving as a Group Leader in the Methods Development Group of the Mechanical Engineering Department. Bill and Carol have collaborated on about 100 publications, including three recent books published by World Scientific in Singapore: Simulation and Control of Chaotic Nonequilibrium Systems; Time Reversibility, Computer Simulation, Algorithms, Chaos; and Microscopic and Macroscopic Simulation Techniques: Kharagpur Lectures.



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