Narojczyk Jakub W.

Jakub W. Narojczyk received his PhD from the Institute of Molecular Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Poznań (IMP PAS). He is a computational physicist with a strong background in Monte Carlo and Molecular Dynamics simulation methods. He has in-depth knowledge of C programming language and a solid experience in administration of GNU/Linux class operating systems as well as High-Performance Computing environment. He works as an Assistant Professor in the IMP PAS, where he conducts research (by means of computer simulations) on elastic properties of model materials, with emphasis on their Poisson’s ratio. The research is aimed at the search for systems for which the Poisson’s ratio takes negative values (such materials are called auxetics) as well as mechanisms and phenomena responsible for the decrease of the Poisson’s ratio of materials. Currently, his studies are focused on the influence of various forms of nanoinclusions in the atomic structure on the elastic properties of various model systems. He guest co-edited one special issue of Physica Status Solidi B and four abstract books from the conferences on Auxetics and Related Systems. He is a peer reviewer for various scientific journals including Applied Physics Letters, Applied Sciences, Advanced Theory and Simulations, Carbon, Materials and Design, Physica Status Solidi B, and Computational Methods in Science and Technology.



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