Adami Davide

DAVIDE ADAMI received a degree in Electronic Engineering from the Department of Information Engineering at the University of Pisa, Italy, in 1992. From 1993 to August 1997 he worked at Consorzio Pisa Ricerche in the field of computer and Telecommunications networks, with particular focus on dial-up internetworking of TCP/IP networks, taking part in a large number of research projects funded by the Regione Toscana and the European Community. Within the project Internet, he was the Network Administrator of Towernet, one of the earliest ISP in Italy, where he was concerned with policy routing and intradomain routing protocols (RIP, OSPF). In the framework of the MAESTRO ACTS project he has been dealing with Quality of Service Networks in ATM networks and Resource Allocation Techniques (RSVP). In September1997 he joined to the CNIT (National Consortium for Telecommunications), where he is a senior researcher in the field of telecommunications networks. His research interests mainly concern the provisioning of Quality of Service in IP networks and the TCP/IP enhancements for satellite networks. He is one of technical responsible of the CNIT satellite network. Currently, he is also an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Pisa in the courses of “Planning and Simulation of Telecommunications Networks” and “Systems and Services of Telecommunications Networks”.



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