Lee Craig A.

CRAIG A. LEE is a Section Manager in the Computer Systems Research Department of The Aerospace Corporation, a non-profit, federally funded, research and development center. Dr. Lee has worked in parallel and distributed computing for the last twenty years. He has been application prototype builder with a strong focus on experimental languages, tools and environments. Dr. Lee has also conducted DARPA and NSF sponsored research in grid computing, optimistic models of computation, active networks, and distributed simulations, in collaboration with USC, UCLA, Caltech, ANL, and the College of William and Mary. This work has led naturally to Dr. Lee's involvement in the Global Grid Forum as Area Director for Industrial Applications and a Co-Chair of the GridRPC Working Group. He is also on the Steering Committees for Grid `XY and CCGrid, and has served on the program committee for many other meetings. He has been a panelist for the NSF, DOE, NASA, and an international evaluator for INRIA. Dr. Lee has co-authored over fifty technical works and has lectured undergraduate computer science courses at UCLA.



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