Kuliński Tadeusz

TADEUSZ KULIŃSKI, PhD, DSci. is a head of Biomolecular Modelling Group at the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poznań, Poland. He graduated in physics and received the PhD degree in physics from the Adam Mickiewicz University. In1984 he joined the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences, where he received the D.Sci. (habilitation) degree in molecular biology. His current major interests are structural studies of RNA and proteins in order to understand the relationship between the structures of these molecules and their biological functions and molecular recognition. He is using different computational approaches for modeling of nucleic acids and proteins structure and interactions, determination of non-standard hydrogen bonding, water mediated hydrogen bonding and their participation in the stabilization of RNA structural domains (various regions of ribosomal RNA, retroviral RNA's). He is also working on the optimization of different numerical methods to estimate free energy, or methods combining molecular mechanics and continuum models for the prediction of binding affinities and stability changes of RNA, for the prediction of the properties of new RNA analogs in aqueous solution as well as new compounds as drug candidates.



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