Rajic Hrabri L.

HRABRI L RAJIC is a senior staff software engineer with Intel since 2000, working in Advanced Parallel Software Platforms group leading a team working on storage and data streaming related projects. He has been involved with the SAGA research group since its early days. In 2001, he has co-founded GGF DRMAA working group, where he serves as a co-chair. Hrabri has been involved with distributed computing from 1998, leading DLS-OPT and Portable Application Distributor projects, the technologies presented in publications about car crash analysis and computations chemistry calculations on a grid of workstations. After a publication prolific period as a computational reactor physicist in mid 1980ies, he lead a design and implementation of parallel and vector basic linear algebra routines and iterative solvers that were part of KAI Inc. numerical libraries. He was a member of the KAI KAP/Pro Toolset (KPTS) team responsible for GuideView OpenMP parallel performance graphical viewer product in mid 1990ies.



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