Dudkiewicz Małgorzata

MAŁGORZATA DUDKIEWICZ, PHD (born 20.07.1976). Education: 2000 – MSc in Protection of Environment Department of Genetics, Institute of Microbiology, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Wroclaw University, Thesis: Computer simulation of coding sequences evolution. 2004 – PhD in Molecular Biology, Department of Genomics, Institute of Genetics and Microbiology, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Wroclaw University, Supervisor: Prof. Stanislaw Cebrat, Thesis: Modeling of mutational and selectional pressure in prokaryotic genome. Academic and Professional Experience: 2004-2005 – Coordinator of National Polish Bone Marrow Donor Registry at Lower Silesian Center for Cellular Transplantation; 2005-present – Assistant Professor at Warsaw Agricultural University, Department of Biometrics; 2006-present – Consultant at Central Polish Bone Marrow Donor & CB Registry POLTRANSPLANT. Research interest: Four years of cooperation with genomic group from Wroclaw (Prof. St. Cebrat, Prof. M.R. Dudek at al.). Researches in the field of genomes analysis, the asymmetry of nucleotide composition in bacterial genomes, MC simulation of bacterial sequences evolution, looking for mutational pressure matrices, using internet bases, PAM matrices reconstruction from simulation results. One year of cooperation with young researchers group from Department of Biometrics, Warsaw Agricultural University, fields of interest: implementation of Markov Chains in comparative genome analysis, Markov set Chains as a method for mutational pressure analysis, modeling of rhizome plant development, molecular structures modeling.



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