Bresme Fernando

Fernando Bresme (FB) is Professor of Chemical Physics in the Department of Chemistry at Imperial College London, where he heads the Computational Chemical Physics group. His research is concerned with the computational and theoretical investigation of equilibrium and non-equilibrium response of soft matter systems. He and his group are working actively in the investigation of thermal transport processes in soft materials. FB is recipient of the McBain medal in Colloid and Interface Science and he has been awarded an EPSRC Leadership Fellowship. He is a member of the Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics group of the Royal Society of Chemistry and of the Faraday Division Council, and Adjunct Professor of Computational Chemical Physics at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. FB has co-organized the Non-Equilibrium Simulation School (NESS) and the Non-Equilibrium Simulation Conference (NESC), and he is co-chair of the Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics session of the Symposium on Thermophysical properties held at the University of Boulder (USA).



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