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Volume 10 (2) 2004, 183-195


Paszkiewicz T. 1, Pruchnik M. 2, Wolski S. 1

1 Chair of Physics, Rzeszów University of Technology
W. Pola 2, PL-35-959 Rzeszów, Poland
2Institute of Theoretical Physics University of Wrocław
Pl. Maxa Borna 9, PL-50-204 Wrocław, Poland


Rec. 29 September 2004

DOI:   10.12921/cmst.2004.10.02.183-195



We study properties of slowness surfaces and energy focusing patterns of cubic elastic media. We restricted ourselves to the region of the stability triangle where Poisson’s ratio σP of the specimen stretched in the [001] direction and measured for [100] is negative, i.e. we consider all cubic auxetic materials. We study properties of surfaces and energy focusing patterns for all elastic auxetic media characterized by σp = – 1/3.


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