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Volume 7 (2) 2001, 65-74


Kuric Ivan 1, Legutko Stanisław 2

1Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Measurement and Automation,
University of Zilina, SK-010 01 Zilina, Slovak Republic
2Poznań University of Technology, Institute of Mechanical Technology,
Piotrowo 3, 61-138 Poznań, Poland


Received 12 December, 2000

DOI:   10.12921/cmst.2001.07.02.65-74



Process planning is a task that requires a significant amount of both time and experience. Computer support or computerized process planning systems can help to reduce a process planning time and increase plan consistency and efficiency. There are two approaches for creation and processing of process plan based on computer support and advanced planning methods: variant method based on Group Technology and generative method. Authors present new approach to this problem that consists of parameterisation of process plan and association with part features. Several important aspects of methodology for generative CAPP system have been described. The frame of new conception of design CAD/CAPP system has been also presented.


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